"The Maven of Everything Fabulous"" is not hot if its not Glynn Jackson. As creator and founder of the only high caliber  hair event. The Golden Scissors Awards Mr. Jackson has heightened the level of excellence in the hair industry locally, nationally and internationally.

While there are other hair shows, for the past 18 years, The Golden Scissors Awards  has been recognized and considered as the Oscars of the hair industry.

Raising money for fire victims to helping those affected by domestic violence, one unique awards show is helping many African Americans turn their lives around—and look good doing it. “We’re working to help with a number of problems facing the African-American community,” says Glynn Jackson, an entrepreneur and creator of the awards show. “Domestic violence alone affects thousands of black women. In fact, African-American females experience violence from a partner at rates much higher than do white females. We’re hoping to lend a hand to those in need.” Jackson’s show, called the Golden Scissors Awards, lets people see the latest trends in hairstyles or enter a hairstyle for judging, while also drawing attention to the needs of many in the African-American community. Each year, corporate sponsorship of the event draws money to support worthy causes.
From heartwarming stories of salon owners who rose through grit and talent to breathtaking sights of amazing efforts with tone, texture and style, it’s an incredible and increasingly popular event. “This is a way to express the black hair experience and the true story of young African Americans who are very talented and give them the opportunity to be stars of the show,” explains Jackson

Jackson also sponsors a show called “LaPink,” as well as an additional show spotlighting
Latino and African-American achievements. Like the Golden Scissors, the shows raise money and awareness of issues such as single-parent households and breast cancer.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that African-American women are more likely than all other women to die from breast cancer. Tumors tend to be found at a later, more advanced stage, so there are fewer treatment options. “We’re working to make a difference in the community,” says Jackson.“This is my life’s work.” Jackson’s shows have gone on for 17 years and have been sponsored by Clairol and Pantene in
the past

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Glynn Jackson continues to raise the bar of excellence as he introduces the highest caliber of show experiences. For years, parents and children have expressed an interest in being part of the Glynn Jackson Experience which encompasses exciting allure, fashion and upscale productions. ShowBiz Kidz platforms the talent and creativity of these amazing kids between the ages of 3 to 17. The Agency has been overwhelmed with participation and support of this program that not only promotes gifted and talented children but helps build self-esteem and self-confidence with weekly workshops. The workshops are taught by some of the most talented professionals in the entertainment industry who traditionally participate in The Agency’s signature production, the “Golden Scissors Awards”. They will have the unique opportunity to work with world renowned wardrobe stylists, model coaches, and make-up artists. This will truly be a life changing experience for many who participate in this competition. The winner will receive representation from Glynn Jackson for a year as well as cash and prizes!


Golden Scissors Global - It is our commitment to give back to the world in an amazing way!  To all who supported this amazing commitment, we say THANK YOU!  Kyle Bullock Barber USA, Kelvin Love Santo Domingo DR, Tonty the Barber Santo Domingo DR!  Register your amazing Brands today for 2013 Hair Party Santo Domingo!  If you are empowered to do more than just talk about it but to be about it....we're seeking a large delegation of Beauty supporters! 

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